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StagingAddOn 1.7.2

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Dernière version stable.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Release Notes

Tested with Plone 2.5
State Final release
License GPL

La version 1.7 de StagingAddOn constitue l'aboutissement d'une réflexion à long terme, pour fournir aux utilisateurs une version simple, stable et puissante, en attendant des évolutions majeures à venir dans la version 2.0.

Consultez la page d'accueil du produit pour plus d'informations.


Change log

(En anglais)


  • fixed problem in staging_tool on creating configuration which did put a REQUEST attribute on object (very bad)



  • fixed list_all_versions template so that the mouse cursor does not change and make the user think (s)he can reorder the versions.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Luis Flavio Rocha.
  • fixed a nasty (and silly) bug which caused the types_not_searched property of the portal to be wiped out and replaced by StagingAddOn content types. This property is now extended with SAO content types. Thanks to Sven Deichmann for having reported this bug.
  • added an appId attribute to the configlet. It is needed by GenericSetup, which raised an exception when one tried to create a snapshot. It now works. Thanks to Sven Deichmann (again) for having reported and fixed this bug.





  • updated portlet so that it includes portlet{Top,Bottom}{Left,Right} HTML elements, like other Plone standard portlets. Thanks to Christian Schneider for the patch.
  • added an icon for StagingAddOn configuration items.
  • fixed uninstallation so that StagingAdd does not leave any layers in the available skins. See issue #28. Thanks to Michael Dunlap for having reported this bug.
  • fixed CreationDate() usage in tests so that they do not fail on fast computers.
  • added a fix for a possible error which could happen during the uninstallation of StagingAddOn. See issue #29.




  • fixed i18n bug which caused SAO not to work with recent version of
  • PlacelessTranslationService (see changet #32748)
  • fixed ordering issues: the new version is now put just after the
  • current one, thus keeping the ordering of the items within their container
  • fixed uninstallation: SAO now uninstalls properly. However, I wonder why someone would want to uninstall SAO. ;)
  • added correct translations of configuration items title and description.
  • fixed tests so that they hopefully pass with Plone 2.5.1
  • updated POT files
  • updated 'README.txt' with regard to Plone 3.0



See CHANGES.txt for details.



La première version publique, compatible avec Plone 2.5.x. Des bugs majeurs ont été corrigés et des tests ont été inclus.




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